Zara Quader - Mar 10, 2016
The Importance of Medicare Part D Plan Comparisons

We oftentimes hear pharmacists tell us that their patients are happy with their current Part D plan, and they are not interested in switching plans. If the patient truly is knowledgeable about Medicare and their available options, that’s great! Ho...

Nick Brooke - Jan 13, 2016
Pharmacists Call for Improved Transparency

The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) conducted their annual poll to determine this year’s top legislative and regulatory priorities. The results were as anticipated with 25% stating their top priority was greater transparency for...

Laura Liebers - Jan 06, 2016
A Closer Look at Generics

What comes to mind when you think of a generic medication versus a brand name medication? The generic is the bargain- right? Well... while this is often the case, within the past year the prices of generic drugs are actually skyrocketing. And as...

Jennifer Brewster - Dec 30, 2015
Your 2016 Pharmacy Forecast

Against the odds, independents have still continued to outnumber big chains- hats off to you! Last year, The United States had 22,814 independent pharmacies, compared to the 21,394 chain stores, 8,301 supermarket drug stores and 8,330 mass merchan...

David Tsuei - Nov 25, 2015
Stay Within the CMS Marketing Guidelines

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services (CMS) issues updated marketing guidelines on a yearly basis, referencing specific requirements with regards to assisting patients with prescription drug plan enrollment. CMS permits pharmacists to ...

David Tsuei - Nov 19, 2015
Star Ratings: The Overview

What is a CMS Star rating? Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) devised a plan quality performance measurement called CMS star ratings, which involve rating plan performance in four different categories. CMS star ratings are given...

Jessica Beyer - Nov 11, 2015
Why are Drug Prices and Reimbursements Constantly Ch...

Your patient didn't switch insurance plans, is on the same prescriptions, and it's still the same year - why did their out-of-pocket costs change in iMedicare? Usually, a price change is because the patient has moved into a different phase of cov...

Laura Leibers - Oct 28, 2015
FAQS: What You and Other Pharmacists Have Been Asking

1. How many times can I switch my patient's 2016 Part D plan during this Open Enrollment period? You can switch 2016 plans for your patient as many times as you need throughout the Open Enrollment period, October 15, 2015 through December 7, 2015...

Nick Cox - Oct 15, 2015
How to Manage DIR Fees in 2016

With the arrival of 2016 plans, it is important to note that DIR Fees are also getting a makeover for the upcoming year. Unfortunately, these fees have a history of hurting independent pharmacies' income. Many groups, such as The American Pharma...

Jessica Beyer - Oct 07, 2015
What's New in iMedicare?

2016 DIR fees - Constantly striving to provide Independent Pharmacies with improved transparency, we have added the 2016 DIR fees in a downloadable document under the “reports” tab. Additionally, if you “Show Refill Full Cost&rdq...

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