puzzled part d cartoon
Grant Nagaki - Aug 03, 2016
Understanding Your Medicare Covered Meds: Part B vs....

We all know how difficult Medicare coverage can be to understand. The majority of seniors in the US have a hard time knowing what is actually covered by each part of that alphabet soup that we call Medicare. Medicare Part B covers any professional...

Vision Prescription Drugs
Siobhan Gilbert - Jul 27, 2016
Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Filling Your Eye Care Pres...

As you’ve been hearing for months, prescription drug prices have been rising at an alarming rate. Ophthalmologists, optometrists, and their patients are also feeling the sting of rising drug costs. There are several eye conditions that have a trem...

Laura Liebers - Jul 07, 2016
A Potentially Sinking 'SHIP'

What is SHIP exactly? SHIP, or State Health Insurance Assistance Program, helps seniors understand the ins and outs of Medicare while saving them money. However, in a budget bill approved last week by the Senate Appropriations Committee, the progr...

Laura Liebers - Jun 29, 2016
Open Enrollment is Coming: 5 Ways You Didn’t Know iM...

Open Enrollment is about 100 days away, so we decided to hand down some surprising new ways you can help your pharmacy before, during and after Open Enrollment. 1) Perform Nearby Pharmacy Comparisons It’s possible that as a pharmacist, you’ve ca...

Jeremy Faust - Jun 22, 2016
The Benefits of Strong Collaboration with Local Doctors

A 2006 National Community Pharmacists Association report found that nearly three-quarters of American patients admit to not taking medications as directed. The NCPA estimates that this non-adherence results in extra healthcare costs of approximate...

Siobhan Gilbert - Jun 15, 2016
Tips for Integrating iMedicare into Your Workflow

One aspect that makes iMedicare so great is our Customer Happiness Team. They are your advocates, and are happy to answer any question about iMedicare you may have. The Happiness Team is your go to contact for integrating iMedicare into your workf...

Grace Riker - Jun 08, 2016
The Future Is Filled with Sicker Seniors

Today, 1 in 7 Americans are 65 and older, and in the next 2 decades the rest of the 77 million baby boomers will move into this demographic. According to a report by the United Health Foundation, baby boomers will become sicker and costlier senior...

Esra Elshafey - Jun 02, 2016
What Do Clawback Fees Mean for Pharmacies and Patients?

Most people have insurance because among many things, insurance companies are supposed to reduce costs of medications and provide coverage. However, further investigation into the world of insurance companies shows that this does not happen in ma...

Dual Eligible
Esra Elshafey - May 26, 2016
Understanding Dual Eligible Patients

What is a dual eligible patient? A dual eligible patient is a person who qualifies for both Medicare and Medicaid, and is given further assistance and care through these programs in order to provide coverage for their complex medical and financia...

Siobhan Gilbert - May 18, 2016
Manufacturer Coupons & Medicare: Read the Fine Print

Patients across the country often receive manufacturer coupons offering them deep discounts on their prescription medications. The colorful coupons flood their mailboxes and email inboxes. Discount cards can be seen strewn around the waiting rooms...

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